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Penrhyncoch Livescores

Team name: Penrhyncoch
League: Wales FAW Championship
Wales FAW Championship
F18/12 Penrhyncoch 2-1 Llangefni town
F11/12 Conwy Utd 2-2 Penrhyncoch
F04/12 Ruthin Town FC 5-1 Penrhyncoch
F20/11 Holywell 5-0 Penrhyncoch
F06/11 Penrhyncoch 2-1 Gresford
F23/10 Penrhyncoch 0-0 Llanrhaeadr
F09/10 Penrhyncoch 0-2 Prestatyn Town ...
F02/10 Holyhead 1-1 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cup
F25/09 Saul Courtney F...1 1-1 Penrhyncoch1
Wales Challenge League Cup
F23/09 Penrhyncoch 1-3 Pontypridd
Wales FAW Championship
F18/09 Guilsfield 2-2 Penrhyncoch
F11/09 Penrhyncoch 2-3 Llandudno
Wales Cup
F04/09 Penrhyncoch 4-1 Ynyshir Albions
Wales FAW Championship
F28/08 Airbus UK Broug... 6-0 Penrhyncoch
F21/08 Buckley Town 2-3 Penrhyncoch
F14/08 Penrhyncoch 0-4 Colwyn Bay
F11/08 Llanidloes Town 2-2 Penrhyncoch
Wales Challenge League Cup
F07/08 Penrhyncoch1 2-1 The New Saints
Wales FAW Championship
F31/07 Llangefni town 1-5 Penrhyncoch
F28/07 Penrhyncoch 0-1 Bangor City FC1
F24/07 Penrhyncoch 1-1 Ruthin Town FC
Wales Challenge League Cup
F17/07 Llanrhaeadr 1-4 Penrhyncoch
Wales FAW Championship
F07/03 Buckley Town 1-0 Penrhyncoch
F29/02 Colwyn Bay 2-1 Penrhyncoch
F08/02 Penrhyncoch 2-1 Rhyl FC
F01/02 Penrhyncoch 2-0 Llangefni town
F25/01 Penrhyncoch 0-0 Bangor City FC
F18/01 Gresford 2-1 Penrhyncoch
F11/01 Corwen1 1-3 Penrhyncoch
F01/01 Guilsfield 3-1 Penrhyncoch
F21/12 Penrhyncoch1 3-1 Llanfair United
F14/12 Ruthin Town FC 3-1 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cup
F07/12 Penrhyncoch 1-2 Prestatyn Town ...
Wales FAW Championship
F30/11 Penrhyncoch 0-3 Llanrhaeadr
F23/11 Penrhyncoch 3-2 Prestatyn Town ...
F16/11 Llandudno 4-0 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cup
F09/11 Llanelli 0-1 Penrhyncoch
Wales FAW Championship
F02/11 Flint Town 3-1 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cup
F19/10 Penrhyncoch 1-1 Cardiff Corries
Wales FAW Championship
F16/10 Porthmadog 0-0 Penrhyncoch
F12/10 Penrhyncoch 2-1 Buckley Town
F05/10 Conwy Utd 3-0 Penrhyncoch
F28/09 Penrhyncoch 2-0 Colwyn Bay
F14/09 Penrhyncoch 3-0 Gresford
F24/08 Penrhyncoch 1-2 Ruthin Town FC
F17/08 Llanrhaeadr 1-2 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cymru Alliance
F27/04 Penrhyncoch 3-2 Conwy Utd
F13/04 Penrhyncoch 3-3 Holywell
F10/04 Bangor City FC1 1-3 Penrhyncoch1
F06/04 Buckley Town 1-1 Penrhyncoch
F30/03 Penrhyncoch 3-1 Gresford
F23/03 Ruthin Town FC 2-0 Penrhyncoch
F23/02 Penrhyncoch 0-0 Prestatyn Town ...
F16/02 Llanrhaeadr 2-1 Penrhyncoch
F02/02 Holyhead 1-3 Penrhyncoch
F26/01 Penrhyncoch 1-2 Denbigh Town
F15/12 Penrhyncoch 0-1 Buckley Town
F01/12 Gresford 1-1 Penrhyncoch
F24/11 Penrhyncoch 0-1 Ruthin Town FC
F03/11 Conwy Utd 2-2 Penrhyncoch
F27/10 Penrhyncoch 0-2 Bangor City FC
Wales Cup
F20/10 Berriew 2-2 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cymru Alliance
F29/09 Prestatyn Town ... 1-1 Penrhyncoch
F26/09 Penrhyncoch 0-1 Llanrhaeadr
F18/08 Holywell 2-3 Penrhyncoch
F05/05 Penrhyncoch 1-0 Holywell
F21/04 Ruthin Town FC 1-2 Penrhyncoch
F14/04 Holywell 1-1 Penrhyncoch
F08/03 Penrhyncoch 2-2 Caersws
F06/01 Gresford 2-2 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cup
F02/12 The New Saints 6-0 Penrhyncoch1
Wales Cymru Alliance
F28/10 Penrhyncoch 2-2 Ruthin Town FC
Wales Cup
F07/10 Garden Village 3-4 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cymru Alliance
F26/08 Penrhyncoch 3-1 Gresford
F08/04 Mold Alexandra 0-1 Penrhyncoch
F04/03 Penrhyncoch 0-2 Prestatyn Town ...
F25/02 Gresford 3-0 Penrhyncoch
F18/02 Penrhyncoch 0-1 Ruthin Town FC
F28/01 Buckley Town 1-2 Penrhyncoch
F07/01 Penrhyncoch 1-0 Conwy Utd
F17/12 Penrhyncoch 1-1 Holywell
F22/10 Prestatyn Town ... 3-2 Penrhyncoch
F15/10 Penrhyncoch 2-1 Gresford
F24/09 Ruthin Town FC 0-1 Penrhyncoch
F10/09 Penrhyncoch 1-3 Buckley Town
F03/09 Conwy Utd 3-1 Penrhyncoch
F27/08 Holywell 1-1 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cup
F08/11 Llanidloes Town 0-2 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cymru Alliance
F26/02 Penrhyncoch 2-1 Llanrhaeadr
F21/12 Conwy Utd 3-0 Penrhyncoch
F14/12 Penrhyncoch 2-2 Llanidloes Town
F30/11 Penrhyncoch 0-2 Buckley Town
Wales Cup
F12/10 Holywell 3-0 Penrhyncoch
Wales Cymru Alliance
F07/09 Llanrhaeadr 1-2 Penrhyncoch
F31/08 Penrhyncoch 1-1 Conwy Utd
F28/08 Llanidloes Town 0-0 Penrhyncoch
F17/08 Buckley Town 2-2 Penrhyncoch
F06/04 Ruthin Town FC 2-2 Penrhyncoch
F02/03 Llanrhaeadr 0-3 Penrhyncoch
F16/02 Conwy Utd 1-0 Penrhyncoch