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Dundee Livescores

Team name: Dundee
Founding date: 1893-1-1
League: Scottish Championship
Address: Dens Park Stadium, Sandeman Street, Dundee. DD3 7JY.
City: Dundee
Venue: Dens Park
Capacity: 11506
Scotland FA Cup
F22/01 Dumbarton1 0-1 Dundee
Scottish Premier League
F19/01 Livingston 2-0 Dundee
F26/12 Aberdeen 2-1 Dundee
F18/12 Dundee 0-1 Heart of Midlot...
F15/12 Hibernian 1-0 Dundee1
F11/12 Ross County 3-2 Dundee
F04/12 Glasgow Rangers 3-0 Dundee
F02/12 Dundee 1-0 Saint Johnstone
F27/11 Dundee 3-0 Motherwell
F07/11 Dundee 2-4 Celtic FC
F30/10 Saint Mirren 0-1 Dundee
F28/10 Dundee 0-5 Ross County
F23/10 Heart of Midlot... 1-1 Dundee
F17/10 Dundee 2-1 Aberdeen
F02/10 Saint Johnstone 3-1 Dundee
F25/09 Dundee 0-1 Glasgow Rangers
Scotland League Cup
F23/09 Dundee 0-2 Saint Johnstone
Scottish Premier League
F19/09 Dundee United 1-0 Dundee
F11/09 Dundee 0-0 Livingston
F28/08 Motherwell1 1-0 Dundee
F22/08 Dundee 2-2 Hibernian
Scotland League Cup
F14/08 Dundee 1-0 Motherwell
Scottish Premier League
F08/08 Celtic FC 6-0 Dundee1
F31/07 Dundee1 2-2 Saint Mirren
Scotland League Cup
F24/07 Dundee 5-2 Forfar Athletic
F22/07 Montrose 0-2 Dundee
F17/07 Ross County 0-3 Dundee
F14/07 Dundee 4-0 Brora Rangers
International Club Friendly
F09/07 Dundee 2-2 West Ham United
F06/07 Dundee 3-0 Leyton Orient
F26/06 Forfar Athletic 0-3 Dundee
Scottish Premier League
F25/05 Kilmarnock 1-2 Dundee
F21/05 Dundee 2-1 Kilmarnock
Scottish Championship
F16/05 Dundee 0-1 Raith Rovers
F13/05 Raith Rovers 0-3 Dundee
F01/05 Queen of South 0-2 Dundee
F24/04 Dundee 2-1 Raith Rovers1
F21/04 Inverness2 1-1 Dundee
F14/04 Dunfermline Ath... 0-0 Dundee
F10/04 Dundee 1-1 Greenock Morton
F07/04 Ayr United 0-3 Dundee
Scotland FA Cup
F03/04 Dundee 0-1 Saint Johnstone
Scottish Championship
F28/03 Dundee 3-2 Dunfermline Ath...
F20/03 Alloa Athletic 0-3 Dundee
F17/03 Dundee 1-3 Ayr United
F13/03 Dundee 2-0 Arbroath
F06/03 Heart of Midlot...1 2-1 Dundee
F03/03 Dundee 2-1 Inverness
F27/02 Greenock Morton 2-2 Dundee
F20/02 Dundee 2-3 Queen of South
F30/01 Raith Rovers 3-1 Dundee
F23/01 Arbroath 1-1 Dundee
Scotland FA Cup
F10/01 Dundee 1-1 Bonnyrigg Rose
Scottish Championship
F03/01 Dundee 3-1 Heart of Midlot...
F30/12 Dundee 3-1 Alloa Athletic
F26/12 Queen of South 1-3 Dundee
F19/12 Dundee 3-3 Dunfermline Ath...
F12/12 Inverness 2-2 Dundee
F05/12 Dundee 1-0 Arbroath
Scotland League Cup
F28/11 Hibernian 1-0 Dundee
Scottish Championship
F21/11 Ayr United 2-0 Dundee
Scotland League Cup
F16/11 Hibernian 4-1 Dundee
F11/11 Dundee 3-0 Cove Rangers2
Scottish Championship
F31/10 Dundee 1-1 Raith Rovers
F24/10 Dundee 1-0 Greenock Morton1
F17/10 Heart of Midlot... 6-2 Dundee
Scotland League Cup
F10/10 Brora Rangers 0-2 Dundee
F07/10 Dundee 3-0 Forfar Athletic
International Club Friendly
F19/09 Montrose 2-2 Dundee
Scottish Championship
F11/03 Dundee 2-0 Ayr United
F07/03 Ayr United 0-0 Dundee
F22/02 Queen of South 0-1 Dundee
F01/02 Greenock Morton1 1-1 Dundee
F25/01 Dunfermline Ath... 2-0 Dundee
Scotland FA Cup
F19/01 Dundee 0-3 Motherwell
Scottish Championship
F04/01 Dundee 0-2 Inverness
F14/12 Dundee 4-3 Dunfermline Ath...1
F30/11 Dundee 1-2 Queen of South
F23/11 Inverness 1-0 Dundee
F02/11 Dundee 2-1 Greenock Morton
F26/10 Ayr United 1-2 Dundee
F28/09 Queen of South 1-1 Dundee
F21/09 Greenock Morton 1-0 Dundee
F24/08 Dundee 0-0 Inverness
Scotland League Cup
F18/08 Dundee 1-1 Aberdeen
Scottish Championship
F10/08 Dundee 1-0 Ayr United
F03/08 Dunfermline Ath... 2-2 Dundee
Scotland League Cup
F28/07 Dundee 1-0 Inverness
F13/07 Raith Rovers 0-3 Dundee
Scottish Premier League
F18/05 Dundee1 2-3 Saint Mirren
F11/05 Livingston 0-1 Dundee
F27/04 Motherwell1 4-3 Dundee
F20/04 Saint Johnstone 2-0 Dundee
F06/04 Dundee 0-2 Aberdeen
F04/04 Saint Johnstone 2-0 Dundee
F30/03 Saint Mirren 2-1 Dundee
F17/03 Dundee 0-1 Celtic FC
F09/03 Dundee 0-1 Heart of Midlot...
F28/02 Glasgow Rangers 4-0 Dundee
F23/02 Dundee 2-4 Hibernian